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Divest & Invest! How do we Green Finance?

Seminar on divestment and green finance

Fossil Free protesters & moneyAll over the world, people are taking to the streets demanding that their institutions divest from fossil fuels. But, what exactly does divestment mean – is it really as easy as it sounds? Should only fossil fuel producers be excluded, and how much oil does a company have to drill to make the list?

Large investors, like the Swedish pension funds, argue that investor engagement and dialogue is the only way to make fossil fuel companies change their course. What impact do these shareholder engagements have on the actions of companies?

As we divest, we also need to invest! Since 2007, green bonds and other forms of green finance have become increasingly popular. Is there a system to ensure that, as the green finance market grows, we do not just throw money to the greenwashing wolves? Are there successful examples to guide the way?

With us to discuss these questions is a panel of experts, who will be announced as we get closer to the event!


Pauline Antolak, from Naturskyddsföreningen/Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has been working for the past year in the "Bra Miljöval"-certification for Finance and Insurance. 

Alexander Paulsson, senior lecturer at the Department of Business Administration whose research has focused on among other things de-growth.

Frida Arevik, active in the divestment movement, specifically in "Divestera AP-fonderna" which is a Fossil Free campaign that wants the Swedish state pensions (AP-fonderna) to divest from fossil fuels.


17.00 - 18.30, 26 April 2018


Crafoordsalen, School of Economics and Management

Lunds universitets Hållbarhetsforum
Sölvegatan 37
223 62 Lund

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