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Talk: Sustainability #2

Research opportunities on environmental, societal and economical challenges linked to the Hanö Bay region
The second Talk: Sustainability presented new interdisciplinary research opportunities centered around challenges linked to the southern Baltic Sea region of Hanö Bay and the coastal areas of Skåne. Lund University and the Simrishamn Municipality are setting up a new research and innovation environment at the Marine Centre in Simrishamn.

Marint Centrum i Simrishamn. Båtar i hamn. Foto.

During this breakfast seminar on 22 May 2018, the Marine Centre in Simrishamn and the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, presented the basis for this new collaboration and three themes for possible new collaborative research initiatives:

Clean water

Pollutants’ effects on water and organisms in the Hanö Bay, and how to improve methods to clean water

Biological diversity and nature conservation

Ecosystems, ecosystem services and possible ways to improve the environment of the Hanö Bay region

Bioeconomy and sustainable development

Importance of a healthy marine and coastal ecosystem in the Hanö Bay region and its contribution to improved quality of life in the neighboring communities

Presentations from the seminar

PDF icon en_satsning_for_miljon_i_ostersjon_maria_hanson_22_maj_2018.pdf

PDF iconmarint_centrum_simrishamn_ann_marie_camper_presentation_22_maj_2018.pdf
PDF iconsustainabilitytalk_simrishamnmarinecentrum_180522_deniz_koca.pdf

About the host

The Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, conducts research, education and communication on environmental and climate sciences. This newly started collaboration in Simrishamn, with its new research opportunities, was presented by Maria Hansson and Deniz Koca from CEC together with Ann-Marie Camper from the Marine Centre in Simrishamn.

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